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Why there’s nothing quite like this program.

Every step I’ve included — and I mean every single step — was based on humanitarian beliefs. That a program should be more than a collection of stories.That, above all, a program should be absolutely helpful, afforable, and easily understood by all.

You must discover how to be great because you’ve had life changing dreams that you’ve never acted upon. Without truly understanding how to act upon your dreams, you will become trapped feeling as if all your work is getting you nowhere. Well, change that thought process today with my program!

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Cyrus Harper is an Award Winning Humanitarian who has devoted his life to finding the most efficient way for people to obtain personal greatness through self-knowledge. He dedicated his life to his craft. For example Cyrus has written three books, developed a website for life advice (awiseway.com), and has donated over $250,000 to non-profits before the age of 25.

Cyrus unknowingly embarked on this journey of helping others obtain greatness at the age of thirteen; this is when he wrote his first program for the Boys and Girls Club. He remained a strong positive influence for youth at the Boys and Girls Club for 16 years. After earning a Bachelors Degree in Marketing, acquiring 15+ years of hands on adolescent psychology, and raising hundreds of thousands of dollars through successful programs, Cyrus has discovered the common behavior patterns for greatness through self-knowledge.

Cyrus deeply believes that he is chosen by God to provide the bridge between those who are struggling with life and those who achieve the best version of themselves through self-knowledge. Cyrus is a living testament to what he teaches. He watched his mother abuse harsh drugs, his father sell drugs, and his brother’s go to prison for gun possession and manslaughter. Instead of giving up and following the same path and becoming what he knew, he chose to teach himself how to self love and made the necessary lifestyle changes to prosper from his negative environment.

Cyrus now travels the world studying all walks of life, motivating and providing strategies for adolescents and adults to discover the greatness within through knowing who they truly are. He strongly believes all problems start with self; consequently, all solutions much start with self.

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