Born to a mother addicted to harsh drugs and a drug-dealing father, Cyrus Harper wasn’t expected to do much with his life.  He spent much of his childhood in Massillon’s inner city, not knowing from day to day what his home-life would be.  His brothers were in and out of jail and prison.  He learned at all too early an age that he could not depend on others, so he turned his attention inward and discovered himself.

The journey that lead him to a better life has since helped hundreds of other at-risk youth find their own path to personal greatness through self knowledge. His dedication to inspiring others started inadvertently at the age of 13 when he wrote his first program for the local Boys & Girls Club.  He taught himself how to self-love and made the necessary lifestyle changes to prosper from his negative environment.

Harper’s instinct was to continue to give back to the Club that helped inspire his trajectory, so for 16 years, he continued to work there and provide a strong, positive influence for the youth.  His hands on experience with adolescent psychology uncovered behavior patterns that he recognized as barriers to personal greatness.

“I deeply believe I was chosen by God to be the bridge between those who are struggling with life and those who achieve the best version of themselves through self-knowledge,” Harper says.  

Harper now travels the world studying all walks of life, motivating and providing strategies for adolescents and adults to discover the greatness within through knowing who they truly are.

“All problems start with self,” Harper believes. “Consequently, all solutions must start with self.”

As a testament to his dedication to helping others, Harper has raised over $6 million for youth. He’s authored three books, Dehoff Emerging Philanthropist Award recipient provided by United Way, youngest Daymond Mumford Humanitarian Award Winner, and is a sought-after award winning speaker for organizations dedicated to making the youth of America successful.