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Obviously you’re an intelligent person, but have you ever questioned why your life keeps moving in the same circle? Have you ever felt like, no matter what you do, you always end up in the same place? Cyrus the Solution has critical thinking methods to help you understand where the problem lies.

Cyrus has over 17 years of hands on experience with adolescents and adults. He is the youngest recipient of the Daymond Mumford Humanitarian Award in the state of Ohio. With so much experience with people from various backgrounds, Cyrus has learned to help people get to the root cause of whatever is troubling the your mind.



Cyrus lives the life of helping people, traveling the nation speaking at high schools and providing programs to adults and adolescents.

Ready to try Coaching? – Get a free 30-minute session to get started! Within one session you will:

  • Learn how to prioritize your days properly to alleviate the overwhelmed feeling
  • Develop a state of awareness to your thinking
  • Understand worldly perspective


  • Gain Perspective on Life: Learn to deeply see things in the world as they are, and not the why they are perceived to be.
  • Perfect Self-Love: Gain a deep understanding of self. What you’re great at and what you’re not so great at. Change how you perceive yourself, and learn to love everything about yourself.
  • Remain Disciplined to your Goals: No more getting sidetracked on the goals you know you need to accomplish!
  • Control your Emotions: Regain control over your life by understanding what it is that is causing your deviation. Do you have anger, depression, or anxiety issues?
  • Understand your Greatness: Often times, when we have a goal, their are people that want to shoot us down. Cyrus will help you use the negativity as fuel to become great.