Speaking Topic

• Intellectual Independence: Cyrus the Solution breaks down why we think how we think, and how to overcome life’s hardships. Cyrus will help you understand perspective. Do you know why you think and act the way you think and act now? Have you gave it deep thought? Well, Cyrus will help you understand the “Why’s”, through his uphill life battles. 

When you listen to Cyrus speak, he will go so in-depth with his life, that you’ll see yourself within him. That way, you will never feel personally attacked when the flaws in hisself that relates to you.

Cyrus also believes if you truly place yourself in someone else’s shoes, you can understand why they participated in certain actions. Cyrus believes that you may not agree with the actions of someone else, but you will understand why it was done. 

After realizing your inner & outer issues, conscious & subconscious thoughts, you will be in an more awakened state of awareness throughout the rest of your life.

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