Cyrus the Solution is an award-winning humanitarian, author, nationwide youth empowerment expert, and acclaimed speaker. After overcoming a harsh life of having a drug-addicted mother, drug-dealing father, and incarcerated brothers, he has become “the solution” to youth suffering.

Cyrus has nationally published three books, with the most recent, focused on
developing self-awareness in a 7-step guide.

Cyrus has developed, a celebrity-endorsed media outlet with hundreds of thousands of views, providing youth with the proper information to pursue a career path.

Cyrus has over 15 years of experience working with the Boys and Girls Club and other non-profits. In addition to organizing community events, he has helped generate over $250,000 for non-profits with youth programs.

His ultimate goal is to provide solutions to suffering by youth recognize their inner-greatness through self-knowledge.

Speaking Programs

• Overcoming & Learning Self-Love: Providing youth with a deep understanding on how they can overcome any problem through self-love.

• Teachers Do Love You: Teaching youth that their parents, teachers, and other authorities are here to help.

• You’re not alone: Providing stories and eye opening realities of worldwide events for youth to understand they are not by themselves when dealing with hardships.